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Streamlining your PUWER and compliance processes

MachineSafe PUWER

MachineSafe PUWER: Developed and trusted by the safety experts.

We know that ensuring the safety of everyone managing and operating equipment at work is crucial. But given the lengthy process, and the many intricacies that come with it, it’s easy to feel burdened with your PUWER inspections.

That’s where we come in.

MachineSafe PUWER is our most in-demand entry level plan, enabling you to inspect and manage up to 75 assets. This one-stop platform streamlines the PUWER inspection process and unlocks endless time-saving benefits for both your company and your customers.

Whether it’s managing assets, recording non-compliances, or generating reports - you can manage your PUWER inspections all from a tablet and the web using MachineSafe Cloud. Perfect for machinery end-users, or consultant looking to streamline your PUWER Inspections.

MachineSafe PUWER features:

A highly intuitive PUWER inspection system designed to make your inspections as straightforward as possible.
Comprehensive PUWER module ready for you to use as and when required.
Comments box for supporting comments to add context and clarity.
Integrated Risk Assessment and Control Measures for non-compliance items - saving you more time when carrying out inspections.
Pre-load common non-compliance topics into the risk assessments and control measures, that can be edited to suit the actual situation.
Ability to attach supporting photos to non-compliance items for easy referencing.
Professional and clear reports in PDF format ready to share with colleagues and customers.
Flexible training and support packages to maximize your MachineSafe potential.

Want to learn more about how MachineSafe PUWER can benefit you? Get in touch today and our team of safety experts will be happy to help.


Carry out offline inspections and audits from an iPad or Android tablet.


Inspections synced to the Cloud for secure storage.


Search, edit & update reports and inspections.


Forward reports to colleagues and customers.

PUWER 1998: Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 cover general workplaces or wherever work equipment and machinery is used. The PUWER Regulations aim to make working life safety for everyone using and coming in to contact with equipment; employers, employees, contractors, suppliers and others.

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