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MachineSafe PUWER Training and Support


PUWER Training and Support Packages

MachineSafe provide PUWER Training & Support Packages to upskill your teams and compliment your MachineSafe PUWER and Enterprise subscription.

PUWER Training:

Our PUWER training courses are designed for persons responsible for machinery, such as engineers, engineering managers, project managers and those who are required to carry out PUWER Inspections. 

We provide a number of courses including PUWER Introduction, PUWER Intermediate and PUWER Advanced. Please contact us to discuss your PUWER training requirements.

PUWER Introduction is aimed at persons new to PUWER who need to know the basic principles of PUWER, such as managers or safety personnel who wish to increase they knowledge.  

PUWER Intermediate is aimed at persons who have some PUWER knowledge and would like to increase their knowledge and incorporate an actual practical assessment. 

PUWER Advanced is aimed at persons who may be carrying out PUWER inspections but need a greater understanding of the requirements of the Regulations, including what good looks like.

Training is carried out by our experienced machinery safety engineers and full training notes will be provided.

Other training courses includes; Introduction to Machinery Safety & Lockout-Tagout.

We can carry out PUWER training at our facilities and at customer sites. Our training facilities are in Swindon, Wiltshire close to the M4. Refreshments and lunch will be provided when training is provided at MachineSafe. There are on-site EV charging points. There are hotels and restaurants close by to our offices.



PUWER Planning:

Planning your PUWER inspections can be a daunting task especially if your historic PUWER inspections / records are not as thorough as they should be. MachineSafe can help.

We will set up your PUWER Planning schedule allowing you to see when PUWER inspection need to be carried out together with the status of each inspection and its risk score on your MachineSafe dashboard.

As a part of this service, we will place a MachineSafe asset tag on each asset which shows the asset reference and QR code. We will then add each asset in to MachineSafe. 

We can also assist your inhouse team by carrying out PUWER inspections.

In addition, our MachineSafe Status app will allow duty holders to see the current status of assets by scanning their QR code.


MachineSafe Support:

  • PUWER training delivered by our machinery safety experts.

  • Priority ticket support for the MachineSafe platform.

  • Cloud syncing with MachineSafe Cloud.

  • 1 day on-site for PUWER assessment support.

  • 8 hours remote Teams PUWER compliance support.

The on-site and remote Teams PUWER support is to assist you with your in-house PUWER inspections and any compliance questions that may arise from carrying them out, for example: ‘Does our machine guarding meet the requirements for preventing access to dangerous parts of machinery?’



Carry out offline inspections and audits from an iPad or Android tablet.


Inspections synced to the Cloud for secure storage


Search, edit & update reports and inspections.


Forward reports to colleagues and customers.

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