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PUWER Training and Support

PUWER Training and Support Package

It is a legal requirement that persons carrying out PUWER inspections are competent to do so. To assist MachineSafe users in maximising the benefits of the MachineSafe Platform and to provide the necessary skills to carryout inspections, MachineSafe provide a PUWER Training & Support Package to compliment your MachineSafe PUWER subscription.

The PUWER Training and Support Package is costed for 1 person for 1 year. Other plans are available upon request.


1 day on-site PUWER training delivered by our maVchinery safety experts.
Priority ticket support for the MachineSafe platform.
1 day on-site for PUWER support.
8 hours remote Teams PUWER compliance support.

The on-site and remote Teams PUWER support is to assist you with your in-house PUWER inspections and any compliance questions that may arise from carrying them out, for example: ‘Does our machine guarding meet the requirements for preventing access to dangerous parts of machinery?’.

PUWER Planning

Planning your PUWER inspections can be a daunting task especially if your historic PUWER inspections / records are not as thorough as they should be. In addition to our MachineSafe Platform and training, MachineSafe can assist you further by adding your assets into MachineSafe. We will place a MachineSafe asset tag on each asset that displays the asset reference and QR code. Once the assets have been added into MachineSafe, you can set the inspection date and see the status of your inspections from the MachineSafe dashboard within MachineSafe Manager. In addition, our MachineSafe Status app will allow duty holders to see the current status of assets by scanning their QR code.

Please contact us to see how MachineSafe can streamline your statutory inspections and compliance.


Carry out offline inspections and audits from an iPad or Android tablet.


Offline work is synced to the cloud for secure storage.


Search, edit & update reports and inspections.


Assign inspections and forward reports to colleagues and customers.

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