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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs provide concise answers to common queries, streamlining information for users' convenience. They serve as a valuable resource.

What inspections can I carry out using MachineSafe?

MachineSafe PUWER subscribers can only carryout PUWER inspections.

MachneSafe Enterprise subscribers have access to a large number of inspections modules including PUWER, New Machinery Compliance, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Inspections, EN 60204, Machinasafe Audit, etc. In addition, users can also add their own inspection templates.

Can my colleagues use MachineSafe?

MachineSafe allows the account holder (key-user) to add colleagues who have the same email domain to the subscription.

There are various access right levels for company users depending on their role.


What browser do you recommend for MachineSafe?

We recommend using Microsoft Edge, however MachineSafe is tested on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

What Android tablets do you recommend?

Our team uses Lenovo Andriod tablets

What payment methods to MachineSafe accept?

We accept the following: Company PO's, Bank Transfer & Credit Cards.

I have signed upto MachineSafe, when can I start to use?

Your MachineSafe subscription will be enabled as soon as we receive your Company PO or Payment.

How can I get support for MachineSafe?

You can email: or call our support number: 01793 547018. We offer support contracts.

Can I buy a one-off licence for MachineSafe?

In short, No. MachineSafe is a subscritpion service. 

What skills do I need to use MachineSafe?

You need to be computer literate, however MachineSafe does not remove the requirement to be competent to complete the inspection that is required to be carried out.

Do MachineSafe offer training?

Yes, we offer training such as PUWER. Training can be carried out on or off-site


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